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Image for Pilates: Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 25th August 2018

Pilates: Keeping Your Kids Healthy

The health of today’s children is compromised by a culture of convenience and increasingly sedentary activity. Eating fast food, watching TV and playing video games has become habitual, while a nutritious diet and physical activity is on the downturn.

A report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that approximately 30.3% of children between the ages of six to 11 are overweight and that 15.3% are obese. Concerned parents are now looking at exercise programmes for their children in an effort to keep them fit and set them up for a lifetime of good health.

A rigorous exercise regimen, however, may not be beneficial for young children and could even be harmful. The concern stems from the fact that a young child’s developing skeletal frame cannot handle the demanding forms of exercise in more aerobic-oriented or cardiovascular programmes. A safer, healthier, low-impact workout is needed such as Pilates.

While the popularity of Pilates among adults is well known, the exercise programme also offers a large range of benefits to children. It is why at Sandrine’s Pilates I have designed children’s classes (six to 13 years old) specific to their needs. Additionally, children are welcome to come to any group classes with their parents. As a parent it is our responsibility to look after our children’s health and fitness and to be a positive influence in their life. We have a few children coming to the studio, including young athletes, and we love seeing their determination and progress. We help them if they suffer from scoliosis but we also help to make them injury-free if they practice other sports. Our classes are great to help our young girls and boys to develop their body confidence, making our classes ideal for their self-esteem.

• For more information, call 01892 618493 or visit www.sandrinespilates.co.uk

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