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Image for 'Tis The Season For Partying

Article by Editorial | 28th December 2018

'Tis The Season For Partying

In the run-up to the party season, one more late night and just one last cocktail might be a little too much. So follow our party survival tips to celebrating with staying power!

Keep yourself well hydrated and make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day – and eat a meal before you head out on the tiles!

Don’t don the strappy high heels for the first time on a big night out: at least wear them a couple of times to ensure your feet aren’t bunched up or your toes poking out of open-toes stilettos, making walking (not to mention dancing!) uncomfortable. Rub an anti-blister stick (Compeed and Carnation both do one) across places where straps lie and the back of heels to prevent blisters.

Before you duck under the duvet and hit the pillow, if you can, drink a large glass of water. Doing this after consuming alcohol can make things slightly better in a few hours time!

Take a minute or two to remove your make-up. While we appreciate it might not be a deep cleansing affair, a nourishing make-up wipe will take little effort and leave you with a cleaner feeling face with vitamins B5 and E.

Image: © M&Co sequin velvet wrap dress £69 (mandco.com)

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