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Article by Editorial | 8th July 2019

Staying happy and healthy on holiday

With many of us packing up ready to jet off on holiday, follow our tips on being happy and healthy while flying & staying safe in the sun.

It’s that time of year again when everyone is preparing to jet off on holiday. But dehydration and air travel can often lead to you feeling a little exhausted upon arrival. Here are some tips on what to pack for your flight to keep you feeling in top shape.

Beat the bloat Bloating and cramps are not uncommon with air travel. Due to air pressure, gas in the intestine will expand at around 30% when flying.

To prevent the bloat, it’s advisable to pass on the carbonated drinks and gassy foods like broccoli, beans and onions before your flight. You may also want to switch your usual airplane coffee with peppermint tea.
Keep hydrated It’s easy to become dehydrated whilst flying, as the air inside a plane cabin is very dry, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

The one bottle of water supplied by the flight attendants won’t be enough for a long haul flight, so to avoid the hassle of constantly having to ask the cabin crew for water, bring along your own filtered water bottle and refill it with tap water on the plane.

Care for your skin Long haul flights are known to take a toll on skin. To make sure you reach your destination looking fresh and rested, hydrate your skin at regular intervals throughout the flight. Invest in some high quality natural moisturiser such as Gorgias London’s Complete Night Repair Facial Oil which is good for overnight or long flights (gorgiaslondon.com).

Take the time to move Get up and walk around the cabin as often as you can (and as long as it is safe to do so) – it will help to keep your circulation.

Even though there may not be anywhere in particular to walk to apart from up and down the aisles, moving around the plane once in a while is much more conducive to getting some healthy rest.

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