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Article by Editorial | 19th December 2018

Party Countdown

Get set to celebrate – and survive! – the festive party season with our helpful hints.

Just when your skin gets zapped by the onset of winter weather, it faces another cruel hit with the arrival of the festive party season, bringing with it a busy social calendar full of excuses to get dressed up and rock glamorous make-up. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or getting ready for the office party, follow our tips to keep you looking your best this Christmas.

When it comes to party season, prevention is better than cure, so if you’re prone to spot outbreaks and lacklustre skin once the late nights and overdoing it hots up, start nourishing your face and skin from the inside out now.

Complexions need a radiance boost from the moment you wake up from your post-party slumber. Massage moisturiser in firm circular motions to bring the blood to the surface, leaving you with a rosy glow. Exfoliating is also great as it rids the skin of dead skin cells and removes excess oil and grease, a common symptom of party excess.


The delicate areas under your eyes are 10 times thinner than facial skin, so once the festive party season has kicked in, puffiness and exaggerated fine lines will give the game away!

• An at-home remedy – cold wet camomile tea bags are a great quick-fix trick for de-puffing eye bags, while cooling and soothing eye roll-ons are not only an instant pick-me-up, they’re light enough to carry around in your handbag for regular SOS top-ups.

Smooth operator

Don’t let lumps, bumps or sandpaper skin put you off wearing a skimpy party frock – there’s still time to streamline your silhouette without hitting the gym.

Using a body scrub every second day will help you shape up in the shower. As well as stimulating circulation and drainage a good scrub instantly brightens skin and helps party season products such as cellulite cream, fake tan and moisturiser absorb more easily.

• Try Champneys Detox Seaweed & Sea Salt Scrub, £12, from Boots or Champneys, Tunbridge Wells (www.champneys.com). Rub in upward motions towards the heart to draw out impurities and boost skin tone.

Go with the glow

Now is not the time to upset your beauty regime with new and unpredictable products. Instead aim for beautiful skin from within. Drinking two litres of water every day – and cutting back on the caffeine – will flush out skin-sapping toxins and give you a natural glow.

Treat your feet

Party time inevitably equals high heels but when your feet hurt it shows in your face so treat your tootsies to some TLC in the run-up to a party to keep you on the dance floor for longer. Use a pumice stone/foot polish/hard skin remover pen three days a week to gently remove hard skin. Follow with a thick moisturiser and sleep in cotton socks to intensify the treatment. And when you’re ready to dance the night away, roll on an anti-friction wipe like the non-greasy Carnation Footcare Anti-Blister Stick across places where straps lie and the back of the heel to prevent blisters.

Nail it!

If you’re running from party to party, or travelling across the country to visit relatives and friends, you don’t always have time to pop to a salon to top up your manicure. Gel nails make a great alternative as they will last from Christmas to New Year’s Eve without chipping – pick a wintery shade for a chic look.

Heads up

Every season has different hair trends, but you can never go wrong with tumbling tousled curls. Heated rollers are an easy way of achieving this classic beauty look, and they can be worn while you wrap your Christmas presents for easy multitasking!

• All hair types can suffer during winter from the constant switching between the cold outside to the heat indoors. The change in temperatures dries out your hair, so start using moisturising conditioner and once a week use a deep-condition hair mask for extra shine.
• Don’t be afraid of hairpieces. With a little practice beforehand, clip-in hairpieces are easy to use and can transform your look in minutes. Enhance a simple ponytail with a piece to make it look long and dramatic or use a clip-in fringe instead for chic, hassle-free hair.

Just be sure to match your hair colour as closely as possible. If you’re not a fan of faking it, a bun ring can create an elegant look with minimal effort.

Image licensed by Ingram Image

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