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Article by Jess Weller | 20th July 2018

Italian Connection

Meet Francesco, our work experience student from Italy, who tells us about his hometown Fabriano. Look out next week for Francesco's blog about his time in Tunbridge Wells and at INDEX.

Hello everyone! I’m Francesco and I’m here to do my work experience at INDEX Magazine. I chose this town because it is quite bigger than mine and because I have been here another time before this, but also because it is near to both London and the seaside. Let’s talk about my town. Fabriano is a small industrial city placed in Marche region of Italy, and is reachable with the highway, that connects the Adriatic coast with the more famous Umbria region.

Despite its industrial spirit, the town has many monuments, churches, squares and places of historical interest to visit and it is surrounded by fascinating natural environment.

Your visit to Fabriano should start at the main square with its particular triangular shape called “High Place” as in the 13th century, when it was built, was the centre of the administrative life of Fabriano.

“Palazzo del Podesta” overlooks the square, the typical building of the middle ages, a fine example of gothic architecture, originally the property of the town’s Mayor, then place where the Governor of the papal state lived.

Under the arch there are some interesting 13th-14th century frescoes, which represent scenes of battle and a “fortune wheel” driven by a female figure.

In the middle of the square there is a beautiful round fountain called “Fontana Sturinalto”, dating back also to the 13th century.

In the same square there are interesting 18th century buildings including the Town Hall and Bishop’s Palace.

Another stop on your trip is the small Cathedral Square, following the uphill way that passes in front of the Palazzo del Podesta, where tourists can admire San Venanzo Cathedral on one side and the picture gallery on the other side.

The town of Fabriano is also known as the City of Paper, thanks to the papermaking tradition dating since the 12th century. Dedicated to this history there is a very interesting museum where the old machines are stored, with examples of paper made with flower and watermark handcraft.

When exploring the local area, also take time to visit the Frasassi Caves that are the largest in Europe and the Gorges of Gola della Rossa.


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