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Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 28th June 2018

Get Your Toes Sandal Ready

It’s time to get your feet sandal-ready and show your toes some love and attention. If your feet are looking and feeling neglected treat yourself to an SOS at-home pedicure with our useful tips.

Should we exfoliate every day?

There are divided views on this but in general, probably not. Daily exfoliation, especially in the warmer summer months, can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight as you have removed the protective layer. Also through the removal of the epidermal lipid layer your skin is prone to losing moisture and becoming dry and wrinkled. Aim to scrub your feet around one to two times per week. Go for gentle and effective products, such as Carnation’s Exfoliating Foot Scrub (www.firstaidfast.co.uk, £4.14).

Foot file: on dry or wet feet?

Personal preference plays a part here as well as circumstance but in general, stroke for stroke, using a foot file immediately after stepping out of the bath or shower on your feet is probably more effective at removing the hard skin. Why? Water helps to weaken the chemical binding between skin cells and therefore they are easier to remove with filing.

How to de-puff swollen feet?

In the warm summer months often your core body temperature can increase. To keep your temperature constant, blood flow to the feet can increase enabling heat exchange through blood vessels in the skin of your feet. That means swelling, sweating or puffiness. Hot swollen feet can also arise from friction caused by your shoes. Gravity can play a part too. Long periods of standing and walking can lead to tired, puffy feet.

Open shoes in warm, dry weather will help to cool the feet. Wear supportive shoes rather than flimsy ones and when you’re sat down, rotate your feet in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction between 8-10 times.

Apply a cooling gel or spray to rapidly cool the skin.

• Visit www.carnationfootcare.co.uk

Images: Lev Dolgachow

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