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Article by Advertorial | 1st October 2019

A note on ‘curve balls’

You’ll happily arrange insurance for your house or car so why don’t you do the same for yourself in case the unexpected happens?

Simon Crooks from Boys & Maughan Solicitors in Canterbury explains: “Life has a habit of throwing curve balls and none of us know what is round the corner. With this in mind, I help clients prepare for the future and the unexpected and advise everyone to make Lasting Powers of Attorney irrespective of their age or circumstances.

“When I talk to clients, more often than not their thoughts turn to dementia or Alzheimer’s and they consider this to usually be an issue for later in life. Neither condition is limited to old age, of course. With luck there will be time to put things in place to make it easier later on but that is not always the case.

“My concern, however, is more immediate – things like trips and falls and car accidents or strokes. This is where there is no warning at all and it matters not how old or how young you are. This is all a bit doom and gloom, I know. You have two options: carry on as you are without Lasting Powers in place and don’t worry because it won’t happen to you or get the documents in place now while you have capacity.

“Everything starts with an initial chat so drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll happily explore things further with you.”

For more information call Simon Crooks on 01227 207000 or email him at stc@boysandmaughan.co.uk

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