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Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 2nd July 2018

Otterpool Park Proposals

Design team releases details of proposals for garden town in Shepway.

Otterpool Park’s design team has released details of its landscape proposals for the garden town in Shepway, situated seven miles from Folkestone. The Landscape Architecture team at consultancy Arcadis, are considering putting forward three primary public open green spaces – all three would be linked together, either directly or via green corridors.

The first, currently known as Castle Park, would provide a landscape setting to Westenhanger Castle, and be closely linked with a proposed town centre ‘hub’ and Westenhanger rail station. Castle Park would link directly into the proposed River Park – a park that runs alongside the existing East Stour River. These parks would link via a green corridor to the proposed Woodland Park, which would comprise a country park-style open space centred around the ancient woodland.

The team is proposing eight key themes that will guide the landscape-led plans:

• Ridge There is an existing ridge that runs across the site which will form the backbone of the landscape-led design.
• Character & Identity Creation
of character areas and landmarks, with use of views and local design to create
a distinct identity.
• Forest Garden Referencing the historic forested landscape that was removed by humans, this scheme, with abundant native trees, will provide many benefits including foraging opportunities, biodiversity, landscape character, shade, shelter, and improved health and wellbeing.
• Embracing Water The existing watercourses and the proposed water features will be attractive and bring benefits such as education, entertainment, biodiversity, play and access to nature.
• Connected Beyond Convenient green links to the wider landscape from within Otterpool Park will allow residents to enjoy the wider Shepway area, as well as providing habitat connectivity.
• Productive Landscape A productive landscape is one that provides a food source for people and wildlife that can engage the community and reduce food miles.
• Sustainability The landscape will be designed with the future impact on the environment in mind.
• Management The landscape will be designed with a long-term view in mind.

The final masterplan for Otterpool Park will be submitted as part of the planning application this year. Plans for the garden town will include homes, land for employment, shops, schools and medical centres, as well as extensive open spaces.

• Visit www.otterpoolpark.org

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