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Article by Sarah Giles | 1st February 2018

Flooring with Flair

Don’t be downtrodden underfoot – there are floors galore to choose from, so check out 2018’s newest trends

There’s a lot of clever stuff going on in the world of flooring this year. On the whole, the innovation is of the high-tech variety – of which more later – but one range stands out for harnessing a natural, sustainable resource in a new way… For some years, solid bamboo has been used as an alternative to wood flooring, but now it has been woven into a yarn to produce a wonderfully soft carpet fibre. 

Bamboo ticks plenty of eco boxes. Not only is it renewable (it can grow up to 1m a day!), it can also be cultivated without the need for pesticides and chemical fertilisers. 

The Bamboo and Bamboo Luxe ranges from Lano make full use of its luxurious texture as well as its natural antibacterial and humidity-regulating properties. Good looks aren’t sacrificed for eco credentials, either, as there are plenty of neutrals and eye-catching brights, including ruby-red Carmine and turquoise Sky, to choose from.

Hard core

When it comes to hard flooring, Quick-Step was the first to develop a technology that coats the joints of laminate flooring with a protective water-repelling layer, Hydroseal. Instead of penetrating the joints, water remains on the surface, making the Ultra range the most water-resistant laminate floor currently on the market. 

What’s more, the latest Impressive Ultra collection looks and feels incredibly natural and realistic because it’s now possible for the joints to run exactly level with the design, colour and structure of the laminate planks. And if you choose an option with a distressed look, you’ll even find that rather than straight joints, it has imperfect joints that are slightly irregular with a few cracks. The colour of the planks is continued into the joints too – and they’re anti-static so they attract less dust. Impressive stuff!

Vinyl revolution

Quick-Step has another trick up their sleeves too with their Pulse range. It’s a luxury vinyl collection with an unprecedented realistic wood look, achieved through a revolutionary production method that realistically mimics very delicate, expensive or difficult-to-apply materials, in a hard-wearing, watertight, warm, and sound-absorbent product.

More excellent vinyl options come in the form of Avenue Floors’ Ultimate Expressions extensive cushion vinyl portfolio, with a new series of washed oaks, herringbones and geometric effects – Goldie stands out as one of the most on-trend. The Luxury Classics collection of wood and tile effect cushion vinyl flooring from Leoline is also worth a look. 

Wood works

For many people, nothing brings as much natural charm and luxury to a home as wood and the new Click Solid Wood collection from UK Flooring Direct is not only beautiful but ideal for DIY fitting too, featuring the kind of hassle-free click-lock installation system, with joints that snap together like jigsaw pieces, that’s more usually associated with engineered woods and laminate. 

Made from European oak, it comes pre-finished with hardwearing UV oil in a range of attractive shades, from pale Alaska to rich, dark coffee.

And finally, however beautiful your flooring, a rug is often what really brings a room scheme together. Two lovely options are Luxmi, a new collection of high-quality styles by Flair Rugs [8], featuring four inspired by archive patterns belonging to the V&A, while luxury rug manufacturer Louis de Poortere and design house Romo have recently collaborated on a new collection to produce 11 beautiful hand-tufted and flatweave rugs using timeless Romo patterns. 

Top image: Clarice Multi, from £750, by Louis De Poortere. Visit www.louisdepoortere.com 





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