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Image for Get A Taste Of The Kent Food Trails

Article by Editorial | 23rd May 2019

Get A Taste Of The Kent Food Trails

With Kent’s food and drinks industry growing rapidly and tourism numbers expected to be higher than ever, Kent food tourism initiative Kent Food Trails is pulling together the best of both and has launched two new bite-sized guides Hops and Beers and Apples, Ciders & Juices.

Both come with physical guides which can also be picked up from stops on the Kent Food Trails or downloaded from the website kentfoodtrails.co.uk

No longer the UK’s best kept secret, Kent’s food and drinks industry is now contributing around £2.6 billion to the UK economy each year, with Kent’s visitor economy increasing by 7% topping £3.8 billion after a record 65 million visitors in 2018. The county remains the third most visited destination outside London for visitors from abroad.

Curated by Produced in Kent, the two new bite-sized guides are available to download from kentfoodtrails.co.uk

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