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Image for The King’s School, Canterbury, Students' Book Success

Article by Kaz Russell-Graham | 25th April 2019

The King’s School, Canterbury, Students' Book Success

SIDzines, a Young Enterprise company comprising Year 12s from The King’s School, Canterbury, has created an activity book to raise awareness of environmental problems.

The book, which encourages children to learn about environmental problems through a range of puzzles, tips and bitesize facts, won the people’s vote out of 288 schools from across Europe in Estonia.  

The activity book is under negotiation to be stocked in some major retailers as well as local primary schools and smaller retailers. 

SIDzines is also excited to announce the launch of a new activity book that features Sid, its seal mascot, in an engaging, yet informative, storyline. Sid is a Saimaa Ringed Seal from Finland; with only 400 left in the world, these beautiful and intelligent animals are close to extinction. 

By incorporating Sid, SIDzines aims to reinforce the importance of protecting the environment and promoting responsibility amongst young people.

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