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Image for Music is good for your health!

Article by Caroline Knight | 24th August 2019

Music is good for your health!

Evidence points towards the fact that music is good, not only for the soul, but for general health too, with numerous studies revealing that music has a positive effect on psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, dementia and even cancer as well as physical health and fitness.

So, it is worrying to realise that there seems to be a lack of music education in geographical areas that possibly need it the most, with some of the schools in the UK’s most deprived areas unable to offer their students any form of formal qualifications in music. Fortunately, here in the South East, the majority of schools do provide music as part of the curriculum and pupils are able to study music at A-level.

Research has shown that creative arts subjects have been severely reduced within schools in recent years, owing to not only funding pressures but the fact that more emphasis is now placed on academic subjects. It is feared that a large section of society is suffering from a lack of potential within the performing arts areas of education – and huge potential is inevitably being missed.

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