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Image for Liven Up Your Lunchbox with Fruit Bowl

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 24th September 2018

Liven Up Your Lunchbox with Fruit Bowl

Schools will only allow healthy lunches and snacks so to avoid giving your child the same thing every day, start meal planning to make the weekly food shop easier – and prep some healthy snacks for when they finish school too!

Fruit Bowl’s Back to School kits can help make the dreaded start of term a bit more fun. The kits include a smart drawstring bag, a funky pencil case and coloured pencils, colouring sheets, a durable water bottle and lunch bag.

Packed with fruitilicious goodness, children can also munch their way through a selection of Fruit Bowl lunchtime treats including Fruit Peelers, School Bars and Fruit Flakes, which even count as one of your five-a-day. A series of seven recipe cards also provide inspiration for children to try their hand at a bit of cookery wizardry using Fruit Bowl ingredients.

• For more information, visit www.fruit-bowl.com

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