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Article by Editorial | 17th December 2018

Keep Burglars At Bay And Put Your Christmas Presents Away

Make sure Santa Claus is the only person sneaking into your home over Christmas with our festive security tips.

As Christmas approaches, homes will be filled with gadgets and expensive gifts. But just as you are looking forward to giving and receiving those festive goodies, burglars are looking forward to stealing them from you. So there’s never been a better time to step up your home security to give you added peace of mind.

A recent survey revealed that on New Year’s Eve household theft claims increase by 8%, with electronics being the most stolen item and iPhones, laptops and notebook tablets/iPads at the top of thieves’ wish list.
A good place to start is by making your house less attractive to thieves and looked lived in if you are going away. Consider using external dusk till dawn lights and other visual deterrents including alarms and CCTV. If you’re going away for Christmas, make the house look lived in by putting lights on timers that will switch on automatically, or ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, open and close curtains, put lights on, collect post and park their car in your driveway to make it look like someone’s home.

Avoid telling everyone about your travel plans on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide instant information for both the professional and chance burglar.

Out of sight…

Even if you don’t have children to hide presents from, expensive and elaborately wrapped gifts on show under the tree are a welcome invitation for burglars so try keeping them out of sight, and don’t leave any gift packaging outside your home advertising any new and expensive items inside. Never leave valuables in sight as this also acts as an advertisement to potential thieves. If you have items that need to be kept safe, consider getting a safe professionally installed or make inquiries about a safety deposit box.

Also keep your keys in a secure place and ensure they are never left in the locks or kept within reach of the letter box.

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