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Image for Holiday Survival Guide

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 8th August 2018

Holiday Survival Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year again, the sun is shining (we hope!) and the children are ready for a break for six weeks. I

t’s a joy not to have to worry about the organisation that goes with term time, however sometimes even holidays can prove to be testing, for even the most patient of parents.

But help is at hand. Local charity Fegans – which provides children's counselling and parenting support services across the South East – is offering parents of primary school children a free Summer Survival Guide.
Created in collaboration with Fegans' professional counsellors and parent support workers, as well as being fun to do, the activities have been especially designed to open-up discussions about feelings and emotions and encourage gadget-free time over the holidays.

• Fegans’ Summer Survival Guide can be accessed free of charge (or with an optional donation to the charity) from www.fegans.org.uk/summer-survival

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