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Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 26th June 2018

Growing Old Gracefully

From what you weigh to dating, we reveal what you don’t miss about getting older.

recent study by leading retirement housebuilder, McCarthy and Stone, reveals sitting exams, enduring the daily commute and the stress of running a family, are among some of the things the older generation do not miss about being younger. Worrying about your weight, being woken up by the sound of a shrill alarm clock, and the constant juggle of childcare and work were also on the list of things retirees are glad to have left behind.

Researchers polled 1,500 adults aged 60 and over and discovered exactly what retirees are happy to have seen the back of, including ironing school uniforms on a Sunday night, trying to get on the property ladder, and hosting the family Christmas. As was spending your weekend doing DIY and the big weekly food shops.

Of those polled across the country, over 90% said they are happier now than they have ever been, while more than 50% said their relationship with their spouse was at its best now – with over 40% saying it was due to not having the stress of work and running a family home. But almost 70% simply put it down to having more time together, the poll by McCarthy & Stone discovered.

Of the retirees polled, almost 30% have already downsized with 75% claiming it has made life much easier. A quarter of the 1,500 people asked, went as far to say it’s the best thing they ever did and they wish they had done it sooner.

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10 things over 60s don’t miss!

• Being at work five days a week
• Having to get up to an alarm clock
• Having to spend your working week with people you don’t like
• Having a boss who breathes down your neck
• Juggling work and family commitments
• Waiting for pay day
• Worrying about what other people think
• Not being confident in myself
• Worrying so much about what the scales say
• Having to host the family Christmas

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