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Article by Caroline Knight | 28th June 2018

Get Involved in Nature

If you are a teacher keen to develop an interest and awareness of nature at your school, you might like to learn more about the John Muir Award, which is promoted by the High Weald Heroes education scheme.

The award, which was established by the John Muir Trust, a charity that conserves wild land and wild places for the benefit of all, aims to inspire people to connect with nature and care for, and about, wild places. It encourages people to take an interest in the history, nature and wildlife of an area with the desired outcome that they will want to take care of it too. 

Year 6 pupils at Punnetts Town Community Primary School near Heathfield have become some of the first in the South East to complete the High Weald Heroes version of the award, having worked on a variety of activities including exploring a local wildflower meadow and performing a play to explain the importance of the habitat to the rest of the school.

• For information about the John Muir Award, email Rachel Bennington at rachel.bennington@highweald.org

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