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Image for Charity of the Month: Kent Association for the Blind

Article by Editorial | 13th November 2018

Charity of the Month: Kent Association for the Blind

Kent Association for the Blind provides a huge range of help and support for people of all ages whose sight loss affects their daily lives. No two people’s needs are the same, so each person’s rehabilitation, or skills training programme, takes into account their unique situation.

Here’s one example: “I had just been registered Severely Sight Impaired and although expected, the news knocked me for six as I’d been hoping I would get better and be able to return to work. Now I was unable to do anything for myself and felt totally at a loss.

“Anita, a KAB worker, visited me at home. She did an assessment of my needs and spent time just listening to me. At a pace which I could handle, she and I broke down the areas in which I needed help: those I wanted to reclaim and those that I wasn’t ready for. We discussed benefits, completed disability living allowance forms, and she arranged for me to have access to specialist equipment and technology, which would help me to be more independent.

“Today I’m a different woman. I cook meals at home, am totally independent with my personal needs and I can see a purpose in carrying on. To look at the difference in me now is mind-blowing – I’ve come so far.”

• For more information, visit kab.org.uk

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