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Image for Seals Ashore in East Kent

Article by Editorial | 8th November 2018

Seals Ashore in East Kent

Residents have been advised on encountering seal populations in East Kent, warning not to disturb them if they venture ashore.

Local authorities in the area made an appeal that if anyone comes across one of the marine animals on the beach, not to do what one caller recently suggested – grabbing it by the tail and drag it to the water.

When a seal comes ashore, it may be injured or ill, or, as with a recent incident, is just resting due to prevailing sea and weather conditions.

The council said that it was aware people are approaching them, sometimes getting too close or just generally not being sure what to do. In short, the advice is to leave them alone – after all, they are wild animals.

If you are concerned about a seal, contact the British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546. If the animal is in need of help, their network of medics around the country can respond to assess the situation/animal, and are qualified to act accordingly.

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