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Image for Would you want the job for £480,000?

Article by Editorial | 2nd May 2019

Would you want the job for £480,000?

So the government is looking for a new governor for the Bank of England – with a basic annual salary of £480,000, unchanged since 2013. While Chancellor Philip Hammond has previously speculated that the ongoing uncertainty over Brexit might put off some potential applicants, it’s still a prime job with a lucrative salary. Or is it?

What’s the going rate for a bank governor these days? Compare that to the weekly pay cheque of some of the top flight premier league footie stars – and maybe Mr Carney (and his successor) are being short changed.

Mr Carney will step down on 31st January 2020 after more than six years in the post – and this is the first time the government has hired a recruitment firm – Sapphire Partners – to help with the search, with interviews set to take place over the summer.

And who knows, if things don’t go to plan for Nigel Farage and his new party in May’s European elections – or indeed for former Kent Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, who has announced she’s set to return to politics, as an MEP for the Brexit Party – perhaps they could find themselves on the shortlist, after all the job has been placed on the public appointments website.

Stranger things have happened…Trump’s chances of landing the role? After all, he’s going to be looking for a new job in 2020…and may well be here in the summer on his State visit when the interviews take place!

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