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Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 3rd July 2019


Walking in the countryside, soaking in a long bath – and spending an evening in the local pub are among our 'happiest places', to escape the stresses of everyday life…so where’s your ‘happy place’?

With summer sunshine finally here, it’s no surprise to discover that a walk in the countryside, relaxing in the garden and being on holiday in the sun top the list of 50 things we do to cheer ourselves up, according to a survey revealed this week. The poll of 2,000 adults also found that eight out of 10 of us have a ‘happy place’ to escape the stresses of life.

What is heartening about the research is that a majority of best happy places are ones that don’t cost a penny when we opt to improve our happiness and to make a difference to our wellbeing.

The top 10 ‘happy places’ are:

  1. A walk in the countryside
  2. Relaxing in the garden
  3. On holiday in the sun
  4. Listening to your favourite music
  5. Having a long shower/bath
  6. In bed with a book and a cup of tea
  7. Having a lie-in
  8. Walking the dog
  9. On the beach with a drink your hand
  10. Out for lunch

Let us know your ‘happy place’ via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll add your suggestions to the INDEX Insider top 10.

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