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Image for School Run Mums - A Law Unto Themselves?

Article by Editorial | 13th September 2018

School Run Mums - A Law Unto Themselves?

Lucy is a Kent-based blogger and freelance columnist who writes all life throws at us on daily basis! With the school year now well underway, she asks why the rules of the road disappear during the chaotic school run...

I have school aged children which means only one thing… the dreaded school run! At no other time of the day is it appropriate for people to abandon their cars on double yellow lines with hazard lights flashing, block driveways and bus stops and yet some parents seem to think this is totally okay in order to drop their children as close to the school gates as possible.

Why, I ask, when childhood obesity is a critical issue, do parents not embrace the opportunity to park in an actual parking space and walk their child into school? We are all busy and have places to be but what sort of example are we setting our children when we behave like idiots and abandon all reason just to drop them off and pick them up quicker? Who ends up with raised blood pressure after yet another traffic jam caused by a lazy parent abandoning their car outside school? 

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