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Image for Could You Survive 16 Days Without Your Mobile Phone?

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 7th August 2018

Could You Survive 16 Days Without Your Mobile Phone?

If you had to list the top 10 things you couldn’t live without, your mobile phone and family and friends would no doubt feature somewhere.

Now comes the double whammy – I might have my mobile but my daughter, who is on a humanitarian trip to Malawi, isn’t allowed hers, the only official contact being a blog! Just how would you cope?

So yesterday I waved goodbye to my daughter and 15 other pupils from Tonbridge Grammar School on a 16-day humanitarian trip to Malawi on their classroom build with @joshuainmalawi. For Team 2 (Team 1 were set to return to the UK the day after Team 2’s departure) the opportunities and challenges offered by the trip are many, as will be the memories and friendships forged – but perhaps the biggest challenge is not having their mobile phones with them for the duration of the trip, which culminates with a safari after all their hard work!

I know for me, I have had daily contact with Natasha for what must be every day of her 17 years, so this is tough…and has really made me realise just how much today’s society relies on technology and social media. Fortunately there is a blog family and friends can follow – follow mine over the coming days for updates on how these amazing and inspiration youngsters are getting on (and how I’m surviving without daily contact!).

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